18 Hurry Up, Tomorrow

Witnessing the Sunset with mixed emotions, theatrically sad

Watching Fireflies after a little Rain shower, enviously amazed at their magical glow

Mister Moon, a little too shy to come out but peeking still

And not to be outdone, a gang of Stars radiating their own twinklers albeit some Clouds

A Bat, flying low, nowhere to land

Formidable Trees in the dark, casting shadows eerily and magnificently alarming

Nocturnal Sounds abound, was that a lonely Cricket?

Or a shy Gecko? Or a lost Toad, perhaps?

Nature at its best! Failed muteness, silence undermined,

giving one’s sense to overreact

A lonely lamp post with flickering unnatural light

Not a help though

And a Soul, alone, traversing the Nature’s path

With quickened steps, goosebumped, cold sweat

Unmindful of the loveliness of the surrounding

Giving in to wild, spooky, very rich imaginations


Saying a little prayer “Guardian Angel, don’t sleep yet, be on guard!”

Or a little wish…

“Hurry up, Tomorrow!”

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