I thought I was ready

On Death, my ready quip if ever a question was posed on me:

“I am ready, anytime, anywhere. My only wish is

let it be an instant, painless going away.”

But my mettle was tested 2 days ago.

Going down from 18th floor of our building,

I noticed that the lift was acting strange.

True to form, a fast and sudden jolt downward and stopped abruptly

No indication on what floor, no sound nor motion, nothing.

I pressed the emergency button.

An alarm sounded but another heavy jolt

and downward motion followed again.

My composure was shaken with every jolt

and downward motion, of course.

Is this my end?

Although it’s instant (whew!) and painless (?),

I come to thinking that slow death is not my cup of tea too.

I again pressed the red button and another alarm sounded

but no help came and another jolt

and the lift stopped at the 5th floor and opened its door.

I immediately got out of the lift, dashed for the stairs,

and now the alarm is on.

This, I think, is His way of telling me –

“You’re full of yourself, here’s for your high talks”

All my bravado went down the drain

Proceeded to the stairs, a welcome sight!

Slowly, one step at a time (shaking), reached my floor, 2nd

Humbly, I declared that I am not ready as I claimed

I was a scaredy-cat, my knees shook and turned to jelly

Sat down on the steps and heaved a sigh of relief.

So, still humble and boast-less, mumbled a prayer

“Lord, let Your will be done.”

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