Stand for the Flag

Long ago back in our innocence when patriotism was in flower,

And no pundits questioned America’s place as a super power,

Children stood at attention vowing their allegiance to pledge

Since rising to face the flag didn’t set any critics teeth on edge.

After all, it was the mannerly thing to do like rising for our elders,

Calling ladies and gents sir and ma’am, and respecting one’s betters.

True, misogyny existed, and the South was rife with segregation,

But whatever color and creed each believed America a chosen nation.

Fast forward to today, when putting a hand over one’s heart

Is more than likely the loyalist to condemn, ostracize, and set apart.

Instead of one nation indivisible now we’re many different peoples—

A hyphenated crew, all separate and feeling rather abused, unequal,

demanding our inalienable rights, but forgetting our duties due.

So come now and rise to honor those maligned stars and stripes,

Pledge allegiance to an imperfect, but striving to improve way of life.


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