Poem 3

Full “super” moon

illuminated my walk to the beach

Mid-August night

Is a gentle reminder

of summer’s end.

People on porches,

shadowed by candles,

talk, banter, guffaw,

whisper, share libations

and points of view…

“Israel and Palestine…”

“When I was in Ireland..”

“Remember the time…”

“She told me…”

“Don’t forget to bring…”

“See you in the morning..”

Snippets of conversation

Of which I am no part

And yet,

As I make my way

to the moonlit water

I understand

that I am part of

those conversations

for they are ageless.

Summer night gatherings

to be stored

in the treasury

of my heart

as timeless

as my beloved ocean.


Eve Remillard


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