Cecil’s Nindo

Walking through a meadow
With weapons in her hands
She’s searching for the one,
The criminal who fled.

He took her loved ones lives
He cut into their hearts
He laughed as they all fell,
And so he marked his death.

Training in the shadows
At last she hones her skills
She strives to grow stronger,
To be a lethal girl
And find the bloody fiend.

The darkness is her home
It’s taught her how to live
And strengthened her redolve-
He will take his last breath.

So when the monsters dead
What will this woman do?
Within the shrouds she’ll live
And help the others grow.

Beware this woman’s wrath
Devours it does all
Because she’ll lose control
When loved one’s are injured.

If calm you should find her
Know that her wrath does sleep,
That with her loved one’s screams
It’ll wake to ravage all.

Those born within the shroud
Are safe from her dark heart.
Those loyal to the shroud
She’ll fight to keep them safe.

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