Revenge poem. Dont take this seriously

There once was a boy who lived in a small town

Everyone thought he was a clown

He wore glasses and had curly hair

Gosh he was insufferable, no one could compare


He also had an obnoxious obsession with birds

Honestly, I think he was deeply disturbed


He liked to trouble the citizens as he roamed about

He was an irritating guy, there was no doubt

He infuriated all the kids at school

And thought the world he could rule


But one-day he picked a fight

That he couldn’t win even though he won in height

She was a little bit younger

But soooooooo much stronger


She punched him in his face

And put him in his place

The boy ran away crying

He sounded like a furry, grey cat dying


The girl saved the town from the boy

And now there was no one he could annoy

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