Romeo and juliet- William Shakespeare

A love born from hate

Tragic events blamed on fate


When he gate crashed the ball

He didn’t know how hard he’d fall

He did not truly understand love until he met

A person he was meant to hate, his beloved Juliet


It was love at first sight

Marriage right after that night

But devastating circumstances forced them apart

Shattering both their hearts


And the hate between their families was so strong

That being wed to each other, they knew, was wrong

They were forced to make drastic choices

And shut out all the other responsible voices


A ruse was made to keep them together

So that they could love each other forever

But when things don’t go as planned

It cause Romeo to misunderstand


And so begins the end

Where suicide will mend

A bitter rivalry of  many years

As the parents mourn their children through tears


Death by poison and knife

To be together in another life

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