My thoughts are getting slower

My eyelids closing lower

My brain is loosing it’s ability to think

I feel like I might just sleep if I so much as blink


Lying on a warm bed while writing this was a mistake

But a risk I was willing to take

Now I’m not sure if I’m filled with regret

My drowsiness is making me forget


It’s so weird because all the other nights I was able to stay awake

Now all I want to do is close my eyes and take a break

But I know that if I do that I’ll fall into a deep sleep

So my eyes open I shall keep (I hope)


Is my words even making sense

If it’s not, I’m sorry, my minds gone dense

See, I don’t even understand what I just wrote

I’m struggling to stay afloat


The idea off drifting of into a deep, peaceful sleep is so appealing

How do I get rid of this tiredness I’m feeling

Plus it’s not even yet twelve

And I’m already feeling sorry for myself


Anyway, I’m gonna have to be awake for a couple more hours

So let’s hope I don’t *insert word that rhymes with hour and makes sense*

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