What to write…..

I have no idea about what to write.

My body doesn’t function properly at night.

My eyes feel heavy and tired

And if this is how my brain works, I think it should be fired.


I could just curl up and sleep.

But then I won’t complete the marathon and that will make me weep.

It’s 10 minutes past half past twelve

And I’m still sitting here feeling sorry for myself.


Only, like, a few words on the page.

This frustrates me and fills me with rage.

I’m literally scribbling anything that comes to mind.

Because time is something tough to find.


I think I’m falling asleep with my eyes open

While trying to write words that I feel should be spoken.


So, yeah, this poem is going to turn out terrible.

But, hopefully, it will be slightly bearable.

And I apologize if it doesn’t make sense

But right now I’m not living in the present tense.


My brain has turned into foam

Just from writing this poem.


Oh, and did I mention that my legs are experiencing severe cramps?

Well that’s all for this hour, champs!

2 thoughts on “What to write…..

  1. “And if this is how my brain works, I think it should be fired” is my favorite line. The entire poem was easy to identify with. Didn’t I feel that way with a couple of those prompts? Yes. Keep writing.

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