(Hour 13) 10.30-11.30am. PROMPT, theme: “missing person”

Another poem for one of the sequences I’m working on. The missing person theme suits it perfectly. & while I like the poem, I wouldn’t mind trimming it. I just don’t have time today.

dust shower

i. text
she texts me saying
i’m on my way home.
she’s coming back
to collect me. we
are going shopping.
i jump in the shower
to get ready

ii. shower
i only come to, 40 minutes later.
lucky the water still tumbling down
didn’t drown me then & there.
mum is nowhere in the house

iii. sick
i stand up. i throw up.
i sit down. still throw up.
wait. till the queasy passes
more minutes later. stand.
throat muscles contract
but i fight against
the rising bile

iv. phonecalls
i call her mobile. no answer.
i call dad’s mobile. no answer.
& then, call gran & grandad
even though they never answer.
no answer.

v. driving
even though i don’t
have my full license
i jump in my car
& go looking for mum.

vi. tree
find her 4WD 5 k’s
from our gate, on the road
into town. it has crashed
into a gumtree. her door
is shut. the window
wound down. keys still
in the ignition

vii. dust
mum is no where
to be seen. only
a pile of fine orange
dust on her seat
& all


                      the car

One thought on “(Hour 13) 10.30-11.30am. PROMPT, theme: “missing person”

  1. This is hauntingly beautiful and utterly terrifying. I LOVE the way you’ve organised the stanzas – almost chapter-like: this is a complete story. Your compact lines, the run-ons (and that final line almost falling off the page like the dust) pack such a punch. I want to know what happens after this…or perhaps I don’t! I LOVE this. You’ve scared the socks off me.

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