Ch easy-peasy?

I slap a slice between slices of bread
They call me unrefined, ill-bred.
There are, I know, three kinds of cheese,
The spread, the ‘sprinkle-on-pizza-piece’
Or the slice, as i said before,
But you tell me of hundreds more?!

Sourced from cows or sheep, mellowed,
Thick, creamy, crumbly– I’m buffaloed.
Oh,that’s mozzarella, you say
Well, have it your any-old -way
Somewhere milk or curd or whey
Is left to ferment many a day.

Certain kinds of bacteria as starter
Make it smelly,sweet or tarter.
I’m sure my tongue needs no PhDs
In the multifarious avatars of cheese

To enjoy to the full this delicious taste
Whether as powder, slice or paste!

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