No New Home

The sounds just around the corner was a mystery

The children listened for nights but still couldn’t solve it

They tipped out one evening to see what they could find

And just beside the neighborhood pond was a cute surprise

The sounds were from a family of frogs sitting under a bush

The crooked as they ate as they hid in the cool, just like in a book

The children rushed back home to grab their jars

They each wanted a pet

But when they got back a new mystery stood,

How to get them without getting wet?

See the frogs had gone through this before, and with the children left

They all rushed and jumped on a lily pad, floated to safety glad


One thought on “No New Home

  1. Clever. And enjoyable. Loved reading this… And the other poems too. Especially the ode to a chocolate (relatable) and dancing girls one (i think)…. Anyways, the images used are colourful and beautiful. I really loved your poems. Good job! **thumbs up**

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