What do you see?

Look at the sun,

What do you see?

The star,


Feel heat

or a motivator?

Which tells you

That one will always rise again!


Look at the moon

What do you see?

A lover,

A satellite

Feel nice

or strength ?

Which tells you

No matter how dark the night is

One is capable of lighting it up!


Look at the sky,

What do you see?

The blue color,



or possibilities ?

Which tells you

That the scope is infinite

One may dream anything

The opportunities are wide spread

Keep looking for them.


Look into your heart

What do you see

Your lover,


Some locked boxes

or hope?

Which tells you

That love and kindness are immense in it

Your love can overcome any hatred in the world

You must spread it

Because your love

Your heart

Can save the world!

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