There Use to Be (Hour 4)



There Used to Be


There used to be a woods so high and thick

that where I sit was high in a tree.

The water and islands I see would be

hidden by the Douglas Fir next to me.


Squirrels scurried around the

ground and hurried up the trees

for reasons unknown to me.


There was a time

when time was lost.

Can it be it’s not what

it’s purported to be?


A gigantic boulder rolled

here by a wave of ice

twelve thousand years ago

looks pretty much the same

as it did a hundred years ago.


Why do I think my life

is so important?


After all, this life is just a

snapshot in an old polaroid

that is faded to yellow.


I’m giving a lot more importance

to what I do than it really deserves.


And while the bigger me thinks of

changing and improving the world.


I should know who I really am.

An ant in a colony of ants that is moving sand

because that’s what I’m programmed to do.


Try as I will it’s hard to understand

that the grain of sand I shoulder around

is just what it is and the only thing

I can really change is me.


2 thoughts on “There Use to Be (Hour 4)

  1. I like both the content & the way you weave unexpected rhymes through the tapestry of the poem. Like the water and the islands hidden by the Douglas fir, and how each of us — through the experience of the narrator — is brought to face our relative unimportance in the scheme of things. Lovely.

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