The Forest Queen

The Forest Queen commands all in her land,

The other trees, the grass, the animals,

Even the wind bows down before her.

She stands with grandeur in her domain.

Her branches reach out and sculpt the sky.

She has dominion over all

Except One.

The electrical wires that run through her branches.

They race through her spire

And charge the air with currents.

She rules over all

Except man.

2 thoughts on “The Forest Queen

  1. I like the personification of the great tree and her domain. This is a very good poem with a strong central image.
    Do you mean “man” as in males in your last line? Your protagonist is female, making another layer of male/female conflict identifying nature with females and technology with males, which enriches it.

  2. That analogy would have been amazing, and I wish I could take credit for female/nature, male/technology idea. Sadly, I cannot. It was 4 a.m. and I was barely coherent. Based on another one of my paintings. Thanks for the comments.

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