The Garden of Secrets

I heard tale of a girl who became disillusioned with her life

Her mother says it was school

Her teachers say it was her home

Her friends say it was something else entirely

They say she found a secret garden filled with all the flowers in the world

She’d visit after school, making the garden her own

She told them the flowers were special, that instead of water they needed secrets

And secrets she gave them

Every day after school she stayed for hours, talking to those flowers

Giving them every secret she could thing of

In return they listened and listened and listened

And grew and grew and grew

Until one day she returned empty-handed, all her secrets spilled

The flowers shouted and shouted and shouted

They shouted every secret back at her in one deafening burst

Filling her head with every secret every girl had ever told them

Now her mother and her teachers say she ran away from home

But her friends – they say she became a flower that day in the secret garden

Waiting and listening for secrets

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