The mystery of a frog in my jar

August monsoon rain.flooding my garden, that stormy evening and

I heard a loud cry of frogs in a festive mood of lovemaking

In a pool of water cascading towards  a small stream.

My raincoats and boots are dripping, when I tried to check my garden flooded up to my waist

Thinking my vegetable garden was badly damage from the flood.

i hang my raincoat and left my wet boots outside

And went back to my kitchen to get hot water from my teapot.

The steam from the pot touched my elbow and left a red mark.

it warms my shivering body from cold after a cup of coffee.

iI returned upstairs to get a warm blanket and noticed my children are intact in bed.

I laid down to get some sleep but, it kept me awake all night,

Worrying about the tomatoes I have in my garden and are ready for harvesting.

At the break of dawn, I went out to check my garden and

Lo and behold, some tomatoes survive the floods area, while the rest are left rotten.

Picking ripe tomatoes are easy and it filled up my basket easily.

I heard a slurpy munching sound from the back of a tree,

A  squirrel peculate  and munching on my sweet tomatoes.

After preparing a canner, a jar and a lid to preserve my tomatoes,

I noticed a green speckled frog inside one of my jar,

mysteriously jumped inside the basket full of red and green tomatoes.








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