Ode to my father-in-law #thepoetrymarathon #prompthourtwentyone

Who came into my life even before I was married

As I followed his Court for the sheer entertainment

A man of temper, particular to a fault, no mumbling

And bumbling in that Courtroom was allowed.

He tried to take the place of my own father when I married

Had me chafing at the bit. But he was unputdownable,

Won me over bit by tiny bit. An untamed mare was I,

Wild curls and glassy eyed. He poured enough love

To snare a perfect fit. A man of high morals,

He lived by his own code, never shied from the truth

No matter what consequences would hold.

Generous and kind, he gave of himself and showered gifts, nothing

Was too dear for those he cared about, nothing to be feared.

Much loved, much revered, when he died the world trembled

The skies opened wide and poured its’ contents into the night

Life came to a standstill, our world held a collective breath;

As for me, I was broken, another father lost to Death

Snuffing out another light long before its time.



(P.S. I have never even attempted an ode before. Any suggestions would be welcome.)

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