Dear Emily- Poem #7 by Ingrid Exner

Dear Emily- Poem #7 for Poetry Half Marathon


Dear Emily-


Thank you for your words today

written centuries ago.

Their wisdom has more meaning

Than ever you would know.


Wise words you provide

Take flight from my page,

Resting in imagination they strive

To leave remembrances-



Hope, Freedom, Pain and Release

You address these all.

With metaphors that will not cease

And similes that sing sweet song

Leaving readers now at their peace.

4 thoughts on “Dear Emily- Poem #7 by Ingrid Exner

    1. Thanks Caitlin…I was getting very tired near the end…and it may show in the last stanza. But Emily Dickinson is one of my favourites ( along with John Donne and Blake and W Wordsworth) and, I wanted to incorporate some of her themes, syntax and more (or atleast tried) 🙂 For those who have yet to read her…as, she really was one of the “self-help” poets…she could give Choprah a run for his money.

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