My Life Submerged-Poetry Half Marathon 2015- Prompt 1 Poem by Ingrid

Take the plunge

My heart beat quickens

Laboured breathing

The anxiety thickens.

An unknown world swirls beneath-

grey mist gathers above,

this watery sheath.


I gather my strength and with-

hearty gasp,

I plunge forward

without a single lapse.

Falling quickly backwards and then diving

straight a head

Toward this watery wonderland-

I am led.


Submerged in wonder by thoughts

filled in awe

of oceanic wonders

first ever saw.

I swim down deeper

and my world opens


Oceanic beauty viewed by

only a few.


Coral reefs rise-

straight out of sand!

Magestic wonders

of this mesmerizing land.

Fleeting colours swim

by in streams

flourescent dashes,

schools and teams.

Fish of every

shape and size

appear before-

my bedazzled eyes.


I catch my breathe

in the beauty here

as my awe erases

my once present fear.


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