Prompt #12 and Poem #12 Love, Roots and Growth by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon

Love is a lesson in caring, compassion selflessness and also self-care.

Optimism is a buoyant force that we must all share.

Valuing one emotion over another is not healthy for you

Every emotion has value, it’s true!


Recognizing all feelings is

Optimal self care

Owning all sensations

Truth and Despair

Seeing Light even in Darkness.


Growing and learning day by day

Realizing that relationships take work not just play!

Our relationships give life meaning and hope

Without them we be would not be able to cope

Tough times draw us together in love

Heavenly relationships sent from above


Over time, we would love each other, and I would learn to love her like a mother loves a daughter imperfectly and without roots.


Acrostic poem by Ingrid Exner, Half Marathon, 2020 and above line from book reading.

8 thoughts on “Prompt #12 and Poem #12 Love, Roots and Growth by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon

  1. Thank you Vijaya! It was divine intervention and inspiration at the very last moment. And, I thank it that I was able to finish somewhat strong. I really felt that I produced some good work this half marathon. I was and am happy! Thank you for your beautiful comment my friend! 🙂

  2. So perfect in its expression of love and the value of emotions; thank you for writing it! <3

    These are truly concepts that I wish would be better understood – and I'm beginning to realize that poetry is, perhaps, one of the best ways to express it.

    1. I think that for a few decades, poetry became more a medium for personal complain and less a vehicle to express genuine emotions especially compassion, kindness and love…The world needs more poems and poetry. Thanks for enjoying this!

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