Prompt #10 (Colorblind j.r.m©)

How can you explain the color red
burning in its deep dark majestic shade
to someone whose colorblind.
Oh! How terribly unfortunate are they for
they are unable to experience the passion of red.

How can you express the beauty
spread across lavender fields
and the way it makes
you feel from within,
free and wild, with the
lingering scent of
lavenders dancing in the wind 
The scent doesn’t do justice
to its fragrant beauty.
to someone color blind…
how will they recognize?

How can you visualize the
colors of the sunset,
or sunrise or a bonfire
if you haven’t recognized
the softness and intensity
it carries at the same time?

How can you settle for less
when you haven’t seen the
colors of the ocean,
and it’s underwater wildlife.
So many colors paletted
under the ocean,
you’d be amazed. 

How can you not miss the color 
midnight green and the earthy feel 
it gives to your senses, 
truly a delight, 
the color of most forest trees.
They are what gives the forest 
a certain sort of mysterious air.

Colors -a feast for the vision, 
co ordinate with the rest of our senses
communicating its feel and nature. 


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