Prompt #12

Waking wet dreams 
passion drenched 
dancing bodies
souls uniting
spirits unfurling
bare skinned
stark naked
abandoned clothing 
lies all over the floor
tip toeing around
mischievous smile brimming
dry mouths
breathing heavy
barely containing desires
bosoms aching
rib cages breaking open
hearts freed
running wild
deep dark forests
swaying hips
trembling lips
messy hair
grab a handful
pleasure or pain
you groan anyway
merging into one
orgasms take over
overpowering every nerve
commanding surrender
succumb to its way
attaining all.
Piercing gaze
now softened
quivering, uncontrollably
fingertips trace lightly
 a quake beneath the surface
I am awake
I am alive.


2 thoughts on “Prompt #12

  1. This is a powerful and compelling poem. I’m just not sure how you would punctuate it. I can see why you wrote it as you did, but our editor insists on punctuatio. I just don’t know. You should ask others for advice. I like the poem very much.

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