Hour 5: I hate for a living

I’m 40, and blonde, and on TV sets nationally

I’m online, on trend and can comment fashionally

Some say I’m hated, but why am I in demand?

Anti-PC and honesty are parts of my brand.


Called your kid ‘Tyler’? You scream working class.

‘Full Time Mummy’? You sit around on your arse.

Ginger babies are harder to love.

Ramadan brings more bombs from above.


Hate me, you say? But I speak sense.

Criticism makes you a leftie hence.

People are jealous that I make so much money,

That I’m in demand, wanted, so witty and funny.


I make sense and I’ll continue to grow:

The businesses, appearances, have my own show.

I’m a professional disagreer in this media circus.

Now let me finish my piece on burkhas.

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