So Long… (12th Hour)

Your leave will only be for a year

But I feel like I should acknowledge you

It’s always fun when you come near

And an even greater pleasure when you’re through

I must admit, I will miss

Your hot kisses

Against my burning skin

If I’m to be honest then I must accept your internal glow makes me lose myself

And when you rain on me

Unexpectedly, without any warning

You leave me yearning

Soaring in the showers of your tenacious storming

I will never declare you as my favorite

But we had some good times that where savory

A few months of this seasonal love was more than enough for me

So like every year, take it with stride

Another will take your place to fulfill me with glee

You all have your special place

Slightly different glide but sort of the same

So…so long sunshine

So long sunny storms

So long Summer, we had a ball

But here comes crisp cool Fall

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