I Read the Newspaper Today

I read the newspaper today
The stories were filled with grief and despair
Each one made my heart hurt worse
Saddened for the world today
So much death and destruction
Too much heartache and loss
I knew I needed to do something
Something to change the cycle
I walked to the convenience store
I saw a handicapped lady there
So I bought her a beverage
A relief on a hot day
Then, I played with the neighbor’s deaf grandson
As she told me about how people made fun of him
I packed my love’s lunch for work
Then made sure he had everything he needed
Suddenly I realized, it’s the little steps we take
That add up in numbers over time
You don’t have to be Bill Gates to make a difference
Just someone with compassion for others
And this realization only hit me
Because I chose to help others
After I read the newspaper today

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