I’ll Always Remember – In Memory of Susan Bachman

Two years ago today, I reached out to help your family
I can still see your parents in my mind as they traveled cross country
Every call, every lead, every person that thought they saw you
All were angels in disguise
And like them, I only wanted to help your family to bring you home
While I never met you in person, every day I worked your search
I learned more and more to where you became like family
Over time, you became so special to me
The more I learned about your background, the more your story hit home
And the more I prayed you would be found safe and sound
The day the lead from Texas came, I got excited
Only to have my hopes dashed yet again
A couple weeks later, it was a call in California
Dejected again
I often wished I could ask you why
Why did you jump from that car
What happened to hurt you deeply
But more, I simply wanted you home
I wanted to bring you back to the family that loved you
As time went on, the leads went cold and my job in the search ended
But, I never stopped thinking of you
Then, one day last April, I read that your remains were found
I cried. But though I felt pain for your family, I found peace in their closure
I’ll never understand why, but I know you’re an angel smiling down on us all
And in some form or another, you have found the inner peace you sought
Even in the pain, that is comforting
In some small way, I find peace in knowing I tried to help your family find you
I’ll always respect your decision, even in not understanding
Moreover than helping your family, I wish I could have helped you

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