The Fireflies’ Promise – Hour Thirteen

I put on my boots to the laughter of young children
I stroll outside with my lantern to search for the fireflies
The sky is clear and the evening appears perfect
There is a light breeze tapping the ferns and beech trees
In the distance, notes from a piano sound beautifully
It is nearly dark, nearly showtime
I shudder with excitement over the wonder soon to appear
I remember catching a firefly once in my palm, as a child
But mostly, I have simply admired them from afar
This night, I yearn only to relive a piece of my youth
And to ask them a favor
Now that my time is nearing its end, I may not ever see this sight again
The cancer is becoming too intense, too great a mountain for me to scale
As nightfall comes, I’m aware of my own looming near
As I gaze to the West, the setting sun falls beneath the horizon
I sit alone with my thoughts – a lifetime before my eyes – and I wait
In some ways, I long to wait all night, drinking in each moment, as moments are now so precious
But before long, the lightshow begins
The fireflies must have known as I waiting
They come in full force, embracing me in their light and warmth
As if to bless my requested promise and to say goodbye, all at once
I was grateful

From here within Heaven, looking down towards earth
I wonder if the fireflies remember me as fondly as I do them
Whether they do or they don’t really does not matter
For as long as they continue to shine their light on my children
Letting them know – through their warmth – that I’m always with them
After all, a promise is a promise

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