Woodland Getaway

I’ve found a little hideaway
Nestled in the trees
A wayward, working Western ranch
Where one can feel at ease
From the second that I first arrive
I know my soul is home
As I stroll past the cows that come
To visit as I roam

Moving on, a hidden path
A cabin near a lake
Hidden deep within the woods
Heaven, each step I take
A winding path with trees each side
A gazebo with a swing
My heart feels happy and at peace
With all the future shall bring

One day this little hideaway
Will be where I change my name
Surrounded by family, the lakes and the cows
Simplicity, the name of the game
Combining my love for nature and him
This hideaway shall always be where this journey begins
For despite the hardship that led to the now
We’ll prove love always wins

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