My life is abundant with enriching gatherings —

maybe God spoils me with these,

parishioners, praying friends, generous with time and selves

like even more family..


Nativity is a Catholic parish that has welcomed me

warmly smiling and chatting and encouraging my ideas

sharing prayer stories, so that

weekly Mass is a treasured gathering.


Friends who also enjoy writing gather together monthly

bringing their new creative writing, or found gems.

Sharing snacks, general conversation.

Mostly, we hunger for each other’s next piece.


The Summer Family Reunion gatherings bring together lots of aunts, uncles. and cousins

Grandparents married two families together — Anna and Patrick Callahan married

James and Sadie Boyle, some decades ago and we keep trying to stay connected.

Summertime, 2022 will resume the picnic, fun after the pandemic pause.


A Lincicomes’ Family gathering for Christmas has been held at my home,

the eldest child of one of the first Boyle America

My Irish trait of storytelling, and the children answer questions

to get their pick of the visible Christmas presents.


Gatherings, big and small, are generally feasts of food,

favorite beverages, shared clean-up, catching up, sharing news,

new babies. achievements, tricks learned, graduations, and retirements.

Gatherings that make us feel loved are special blessings indeed.


By Nancy Ann Smith, Poetry Marathon Prompt # 12,  June 25, 2022





3 thoughts on “Gatherings

  1. “…married two families together…”
    I love this phrase! God indeed blesses us with certain ones that until death parts us we shall enjoy exceedingly on this earth. And the hereafter? Ahh: what a gathering that will be!

  2. Stef, I hope you enjoyed the marathon as much as I did. I have been reserving the last Saturday of June for this pleasure for three years now and it really feeds my creative senses witha great sense of achievement.

  3. I love the flow of this poem and the content too is very religious so it resonates with me Nancy Ann

    Gatherings big and small are generallly fears of food is exactly what we celebrated Sunday just gone

    Thank you for sharing it’s beautiful 🌹

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