A Heaven’s Child

Wriggled your escape from my hugs,
Squirmed away disgusted, to wet kisses on your rosy cheeks,
Tiny palms, frantically wiping as you sprinted to the sink,
Always came back drenched, face, hair and dress,
My aqua princess of hygiene, stood proud and satisfied,
I laughed hysterically to your portrayal of mad.

Cradling a peaceful you in my arms, this instant,
An unfamiliar silence, piercing into my ears,
Why aren’t you fussing to be let loose?
Tiny pearls of tears on your clean face,
Why aren’t you wiping them off your cheeks?
Wash them off, get all wet, get really mad,
Open your eyes princess, flaunt those big brown eyes,
There is so much more to live for in this life,
You look very much alive, it hurts to accept otherwise,

I wish to turn back time and kiss you a million times, never to let go,
I want more of you, desperate for help but all heads are down today,
The Lord took you away from me, not granting my wish,
5 minutes late on that fated day ended up with a lifeless you,
How could I forgive myself? I wasn’t there to save you,
But why must it be you?
Why my little baby girl?
Selfish thoughts taunting me closer to insanity.

My hands feel cuffed, unable to lay you down on your resting bed,
You look every bit of an innocent child of mine,
But underneath all that make up, lies fresh bruises and wounds,
Indescribable pain and agonising sequenced of events,
A sad story that will always remain a secret, you take to the grave,
Brutality forced onto a helpless child, who hugged her teddy to sleep,
Animals in human form, heartless murderers, I want them dead,
You RAPED my little girl! Wrote the final chapter of her story,
Named it fate and slapped it hard onto my face.
Your own fate awaits your arrival and good always prevails.

My sweet little princess,
Heaven welcomes your arrival today my dear,
You will be safe, no one can hurt you no more,
Daddy will miss you dearly, sweetheart,
I wipe my tears off my baby’s beautiful face,
Gave her one last kiss on her rosy cheek.


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