A Mother’s Love

I have loved you since that very first beat of my heart, the first time you knew of me,
The scale of love I have in store for you, an ocean’s deep,
I have been seeking for your love but found none, I was left without a clue,
Hampered by my own inability to gain your blessings, futile attempts,
It pained me greatly, to not gain your trust after all those years of proven loyalty,
It puzzled my mind, to listen to slanders spread of me, to relatives and friends,
It killed my hope, to always be third on the podium of choice, my requests never granted,
It destroyed my will, to be denied of love and support from my own flesh and blood,
It mortified my intelligence, to opinions of mine scorned upon released,
It drove me mad, when my sincere offers to help got brushed aside,
It grieved me beyond cure, to the fact that you refused to accept my invites to be with me,
Many nights, I cried myself to sleep thinking of the reasons for you to loathe me,
You left me in the dark without any reasonable explanation for your actions,
Is it because I did not excel in my studies, thus I am seen as unworthy?
Or Is it because of having the mind of my own, thus I am seen as rebellious?
I am in need of answers to end my dire pain , not cash, properties or any other gains,
I am just a son dying to be loved by his mom,

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