It Waits For Me – 11th hour prompt – kjkidder

Somewhere on a mountaintop in a Holy Land

There is a spot that waits for me to stand

Wrapped in grace, white robes, barefoot in the sand

The air is sweet-tasting and pure and soft on my skin

Yes, soft like a kiss.

It is a place where we cannot see the color of skin

It is translucent and flawless, fluid and yet solid

I could hold you if you were there

and you would feel only love,

my love

And while I’d love to hold you there,

It’s only about His love that I ultimately care.

There are those who’ve loved Him here and said

They wanted to drink His cup and go with Him, ultimately some did.

Brave and dearly beloved, they followed Him faithfully.

No matter how I might, it is only by His grace for me.

I see them in the distance, highly favored

now, with the many crowns they lay at His feet.

So many crowns, the jewels light up the day

There is no night, no one is tired, no one is too hot

Or too cold. There are none who are sick or weak

Strength and joy are everywhere. People I know

Laughing and singing and welcoming newcomers.

There is a feeling of tenderness and peace and knowing all

It seems I’ve been here once before, but I don’t┬áremember how.

I only know that place waits for me one day.

2 thoughts on “It Waits For Me – 11th hour prompt – kjkidder

  1. This is beautiful, poetic and heart-felt Kat! I love the simile of the air being soft like a kiss-beautiful! This poem is so ethereal and light. It was a joy to read. Thank you!

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