Anzac Day Man

Anzac Day Man

Where did you go?

Was it an apparition from the



A lost love

A divine lesson learnt

Complete abandon

At the loss from my life

When you boarded that plane

To serve our country


A man of conviction, of purpose

A deep abiding love underneath that

Chiselled athletic persona

A darkness, pain, suffering

And heart break

Fear and confusion in intimacy

Better to get on that plane

Not fearing death

The fear lies within

The man in the mirror

Reflecting back at you


A love lost indeed

Or is it?

I think not!

A love deep within

From another time and place

Transitional and shifting in this lifetime

Alas short but sweet


An astute student am I? It’s taken over a

Decade to understand the connection

Was it real? Or just my imagination?

A gift from the divine

To assist me in my hour of need

Yet I do mourn you

Anzac Day Man


Even after all this time

Blessed be for my life

Has been touched in a way that

Will not come to pass in this

Life time again

Thank you Anzac Day Man


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