On a winter’s afternoon- when the magic happened

One wishes deep down inside for the

Magic to happen

On the surface an air of detachment

Disbelief that such a thing can

Happen in the physical


From a soul level the outcry to

Find the magic and the oneness

With another soul is all too consuming


Head and heart in disconnection

The mind convincing the heart

That it’s acceptable to deny these

Feeling deep within our hearts

For when the magic happened


When the connection of two souls

Heart to heart took place

Lifted the roof and at alast

The synchronisation of heart and soul


So what happened to the fear? Where did it go? Never mind

Enjoy the moment

The aching coming from the heart space

The emergence of unconditional love

The over whelming emotion felt by

To two souls in the oneness in that moment

Freedom sort from many different avenues

All external


Yet freedom comes from within

At that very moment when you surrender yourself

To another soul

No doubts, no fears

trusting in the unconditional love

overflowing from within


A childlike abandonment at the headiness

Of the feeling consuming

Every part of your being

And it to think it all took place on a

Sunny Winter’s Afternoon

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