The Reality Slap

The string of truth

A fine line that pierces deep within

At first your breath is taken away

For a split second where you feel nothing

But you instinctively know its coming

That excoriating pain, that sudden jolt

The thud that sends tremors through your body

Then the aching starts from your heart

With each beat the aching gets stronger


Then the tears start of flow

Streaming down your cheeks,

Running down your cheeks to your neck

Uncontrollable sobs begin

Like waves growing bigger with each rep


You look up at your tormentor

Right in the eye looking deep within

Behind their anger and guilt to their heart

Beating uncontrollably

Aching in pain

The dull ache of years of anger and pain

Built up inside


What do you do?

Lash out and continue the war

Or do you look them in the eye?

Show them compassion and forgiveness

And turn on your feet smiling

And walk away


For the universe will even the scales in due course

From every painful situation

Comes the opportunity for a new beginning

Have strength in this knowing

And trust

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