Pole Shift


Here’s what happens when the poles shift
Negative and positive recombine
Magnetism reverses
As it does pretty regular in geologic time,
Which didn’t mean much to us last go.

But oh, the wailing on the wind this time!
You might be able to use that smartphone as a coaster.
Don’t worry about the $600, because all those dollars in your account are a
Sophistry of E.

Your big money coaster is the least of your worries.

No electricity; refrigeration, satellites, TV, computer, cars, trains,
Boats (except the old kinds that don’t need software to float),
Ovens, video games, reverse osmosis water purifiers, vacuum cleaners,
Automatic sprinkling timers, fast food joints, e-cigarettes, agonizing prolonged medical
Zombie deaths gone.

The whole planet – WHAM – lightning fried.

Those cities will empty out.
Junk will rust.
Subways will fill with fish.
People will die.
Those kids who can’t think without their phones will die.
Folks with heroic video avatars and guts propped up on the coffee table will die.
It won’t be pretty. It won’t be fair. No one will deserve it.

But a marginal few will know what to do.
Somebody will remember how flint stone glints in the
Soil and how to use it.

A weaver’s guild will gather where
Shepherds groom their flocks. A barn will have a cache of old
Shears that could use a scrub and a drop of oil.
Someone will dust off the grinding stones and
Trade your wheat and a little extra butter for
Flour and a chat by the creek.


Each of us will know the true price of every gathered seed, each
Thread and vine, each weave and build, every drop of water and bite of food we’ve
Discovered, spun, grown, designed, constructed, carried, or killed and dressed

We will cook together again, listening to the music of
Wolves by our fitful fading light, wandering with our
Imaginations across a background of flame.

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