Why Dogs Are Better Than Dates




Jaded a bit, I know.
Certainly there are benefits to human dates
No dog can fulfill.
Certainly, no human date should ever feel
Expected to be my dog.

Yet I sleep better with
Comfort and company,
Warmth and breath, heartbeat and
Dream dances.

I sleep best when there is no room for
Doubt of waking with me
Glad to start our day with a few
Sloppy kisses.

Let’s face it, I’m a bitch:
Mother and pack leader,
Warrior, provider, teacher and always
Gentle if, if, if
If you build no pressure against my
Sovereignty or pups.

This is frictionless to my dogs, and I am
Safe as myself among them.

You might not understand I’m
Happy to share power and instead think my
Royalty must be your
Diminishment, which wouldn’t
Work out well, even if the
Lust distracts us awhile.

So dogs are better than dates, though that’s
Jaded a bit, I know.



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