Hello i guess my first post in this group wasn’t a real introduction so here goes. My name is Leo im from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I don’t really see myself as a poet or an author due to the fact that I just write, it started when my son was diagnosed with a disease and went through 3 brain surgeries, and I felt like I was holding it together the strog one, but people who know and love me saw right through it and at the request of a close friends that said you can’t keep all this bottled up you are depressed, always sad and no will to do anything, you need to let it out try writing or art or anything to get it out. With a bunch of doubt I tried it and I SUCKED big time but then I just sat down and let my insides spill out i wasnt trying to write I just wrote from within and people were saying wow who wrote that as they wipe away tears or smile and so it began. I have not ever  been published nor have I ever tried like I said I don’t see myself as a writer or poet or author and when I read my stuff I think no way I’m no where close to published works i did however have a blog i wrote all my work on. I struggle with structure and I rush to get things out sometimes I screw my punctuation up bad at times but I’m getting better. So this came across my screen on facebook and those same people are pushing me again saying things like don’t let your talent go to waste share it with the world so I don’t know if I’m doing this to shut them up or to see if people with real talent such as all you great poets think they are right. I guess we will see and I hope that all of us doing this will complete the challenge and im looking forward to reading your poems as well 

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