(hour 5) Society

Society is there a problem with it?

When bullying is such a no in school that when a kid tries to walk away but gets put in a a situation to defend themselves they get punished and not the original one doing the bullying ya there’s a problem.

As wars are waged over religious beliefs over resources rather than unite and share the riches to help each other.

The shame we should feel destroying the blood, sweat, and tears, that went into cultivating the land our forefathers worked by hand in hopes of providing food for generations to come, but yet we take till there’s nothing left then rip it to shreds dividing the land. Building our fortresses because we know that there is still some hard worked land out there, still untouched, still providing us substance.

Is there something wrong with society? You ask, when factories and employers pick up and move to save a buck, keeping profits up rather giving back to the communities that helped it strive. When the unemployment rate is skyrocketing and sources of work are diminished there’s a problem.

When they say a child is learning disabled but put that child in a class with 30 kids, because its all about a budget and not about helping that child,when the staff and resources are there and available.

There is a problem when we see each other as separate races rather than as one race. When the colour of your shirt gets you shot in a neighbourhoods as if to say i tell you what to wear.

There is so much wrong today in society and it will not change until we see each other as one. Until we stop fighting for over greed, when we see that people keep us moving forward and not whats in our pockets maybe then a change can start. Till then i say society is the problem.

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