2 poem: Palace of Justice 2

in the dream antigone hungers for justice like a child

needs breakfast after the fever has broken fever so high

like a fever has stepped on a crack and snapped its own back

antigone all white robes as they wore back then a rope round

her waist though she is daughter of a king always daughter

of the dead king a life defined by ghosts another life defined

the hunger a wolf clicking its wolf-teeth the father dead

it is the only taste at the tip of the very very edge

if you won’t serve it to her serve it here fill her with it

fill her hungry me poor antigone axed for lack of it

for saying there is none

so a man would make a play about there is none

so you will know there is none

so the hero of the play can learn something new, true

and you learn maybe but not antigone (who was right) is

only need is never satisfied we are never

i drag bodies around this earth i haul buckets of sand

toss sand on them, on him, on my true brother

where tossing sand is best next option but i starve.

4 thoughts on “2 poem: Palace of Justice 2

  1. Feeling flustered not sure where to go. Just about into the third leg of this flow. Almost in tears trying to hold it together. I hope this is where my poetry Fester’s.

  2. Calming from confusing I’m in the flow. I’m writing my thoughts I’m willing my Mojo.

    I thought this would be hard to write on demand. But now my fingers are writing as I know they can.

  3. I prayed to God for guidance and peace, to take me through these words I feast.

    When I write I feel so free, it takes wisdom and patience to write like you and me.

    So now it’s the third poem of this race, to finish on time or in your own pace.

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