(9th Image prompt)

Snow is upon the ground
There is not a soul around

I am stuck inside
Forever wanting to hide

Away from the sunlight
That keeps me up at night

I want to build a fire
But I am flat like a tire

No umph to get it done
If I did, I'd have some fun

But the snow is on the ground
There is not a soul around

4 thoughts on “(9th Image prompt)

  1. I like the Ryhmes in the couplet I enjoyed this line but the snow is on the ground there is not a soul around

    It was a delight and did not want it to end

    Thanks Susan 👌

  2. What’s the inspiration behind this piece? Its captures the lethargy of someone who wants to do stuff but is not motivated to do anything. Detachment…. isolation…. Its wonderful in a special way

    1. I believe it was a picture of a small shack or house out in the middle of nowhere and all you could see was snow on the ground for miles… it was the image prompt offered up for that hour… Thank you so much for your kind words… xoxo

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