Inspiration From Millie

Poem 4

Inspiration From Millie



A physical representation of how life unfolds

A visual of how life can make you feel so small

Proof that before you walk you gotta crawl

Most times the ones around you don’t see your worth

They tend to overlook you

They feel you’re not that important on this Earth

Often times they reject you

Still you strive to evolve

You know your journey isn’t over

Even if you have to travel alone

You continue to push forward

As life takes it twist and turns

God promised you new beginnings

This is the moment you learned

About His promises of a beautiful ending

When everyone doubted you

God didn’t bat an eye

He said when I’m done with you

My dear girl you will surely fly

When the world turned away

God stayed

Spun you in His finest silk

Asked you to trust Him and be patient

When you rose again

You didn’t even recognize your own reflection

You may have fell down 9 times, got back up on 10

The world tried to steal your joy but He wouldn’t let them

God knew your worth when you didn’t

Elevated your life to show you that you were different

He changed your life even when you thought He wouldn’t

He designed you to stand out, not to fit in


….Soar high beautiful butterfly


Thank you for calling me your butterfly 🦋

You gave me strength to believe in my growth

Thank you for always seeing my worth

Love you ❤️

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