Poem 8

Quickie ((WARNING….if poems like this make you uncomfortable please skip)) 

By: Ashley L Powers


Our eyes meet

And I get chills down my spine

I close my eyes and dream of you

Your hands on my thighs 

My body shakes at the thought of you

Wondering what you feel like 

Grey sweatpants 

Your imprint 

The only thing on my mind

Lusting, trust me 

I can imagine you thrusting…

…whew damn now I’m mesmerized


Wet dreams

And I’m at my peak

Temperature rising 

I would be lying 

If I said you didn’t bring out my inner freak 

Open my eyes 

And to my surprise

We’re face to face 

My back against the bathroom stall

Nails in your back

You deep inside me

Giving me your all 

I release 

You release 

Our energies connect 

You and I both can’t deny 

Us together….

Creates some bomb ass sex

I wipe the lip gloss from your lips 

And I fix my hair

We straighten up our clothes 

Sneaking out the bathroom…. 


…..back to work we go 

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