Weird Is What We Make It – hour 7

Weird is what we make it
And normal’s just myth
Paid for by their bottom line
It never did exist
They tell you what you want to wear
Then tell you what to eat
In marketing and strategy
And everyone you meet
Give me gothic unicorns
And Edgar Allen Poe
A little Plath, a lot of black
And a pen to tell my woes
Normal’s overrated
I’d rather make it weird
Than conform to their vision
That would make me disappear.
~Mandy Kocsis©2021~

One thought on “Weird Is What We Make It – hour 7

  1. I enjoyed this poem! Your message resonates. I felt the meter & was wondering if it was intended to be ironic. This poem about not conforming following nicely to a set meter? Even if it wasn’t intended, I think it is lovely!

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