Screenshot of Our Times!

Oh what a power that is
when you hold and press
the power and volume buttons on your phone
at the same time!
A picture framed
a moment so fleeting
freezes on your screen for eternity
or at least today’s abridged version of eternity
or till you find no more use of that frozen moment
and trash it to create space for another moment
for another abridged eternity
or maybe, just for posterity!

A screenshot of a bad picture of your ex
after a bad break up
Ah! the power that holds
The peace that brings!

Someone is lying to your face,
but you’re armed with a screenshot
and you let them continue just so that
they can dig their graves a little deeper
That’s quite a power!

You need to show off your wordle score
Yeah, it’s the screenshot that comes to the fore!

The cause of a rumour
The cause of distress
Take one of these
when you want to impress
A problem to solve?
No words are needed
Just screenshot the problem
And it’ll be the reason you succeeded!
Shop with a screenshot
Pay with it too
Screenshot some funny memes
For times when you’re blue!
No one’s stingy with screenshots
They all take a dozen a dime
everyone’s armed with the power of screenshots
And that’s the screenshot of our times!

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