Hour 11 Writing Prompt – Write a poem about laughter without using the word laugh, laughter or giggle

The Funny Bone Speaketh


Staring at us with confusion, the baby, eyes wide an attentive,

takes in the sight of parents acting the fool, over and over and over

til the baby can no longer contain the pure belly full of joy and out it comes.

The first “tee hee,” in the beginning is restrained, but as the merriment builds, the child

who only just recently felt the same emotion upon it’s first  “passing of the gas,” episode,

can no longer hold back, what is about to be one of the greatest gifts that

parents and grandparents alike could ever ask for….a full blown, burst of air coming

across the vocal chords and out into the world as baby’s first chuckle!

From this point and until the child reaches puberty, parents everywhere will do

anything and everything, and I do mean everything, to get said child to commit

again to that top of the charts expulsion of glee.  Much to the parents dismay, they

are unlikely to see this occurrence until they catch them doing something they aren’t

supposed to and they try to recreate those precious moments to get themselves off the

hook.  Parents will get the last, you know, chuckle, though at their high school graduation

party or when meeting “the one” and they pull out all of those extremely embarrassing

baby photos.


My advice, if you arejonesing to hear that wonderful sound again, take them to a comedy show.

Chances are you won’t get the jokes, but your kids will be in stitches!





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