(Disclaimer:  I performed as Lolly the Clown for over 20 years.  My friend Kim said this would be a good topic to write about.  Oddly enough today, our neighbor gave my husband a ceramic clown to give to me.  His wife had collected them when she was living.  When the universe gives you a sign, you gotta’ go with it!  So humor me on this one……lots of silliness!)


The assignment from Mr. Daniels

Seemed like a daunting feat.

To write about our futures

He thought it might be neat.


But we were barely teenagers

Voices changing, pimples too.

Oh what was I to write about

I didn’t have a clue.


Writing something colorful

Would fill up pages fast

I thought and thought and thought so more

An idea had came at last.


I would write about a professional

That once a year would come to town

As a performer in the circus….that’s right

I am going to be a clown!!


I wrote about my floppy shoes,

And whoopee cushions too.

I wrote about my big red nose

And all the magic I would do.


The words were flowing easily

Each page was quickly filled.

Before I knew it, I was done

Which had me really thrilled.


I kept the paper, got an A

Then years later down the road.

I found the paper, and thought about

This seed I must have sowed.


I took a class at OSU

Clowning 101.

Needless to say, a lot of play

I really had some fun.


I learned some tricks and make-up skills

And how to twist balloons.

Learned all about the types of clowns

From white face to ole buffoons.


Created costumes, bought a wig

Purple was my shade.

When all the work was said and done

I liked what I had made.


Never thought a class assignment

Would impact my life for years.

Lolly the Clown had come to town

Bringing laughter and sometimes tears.


Though my floppy shoes and sponge ball nose

Are now all packed away.

Lolly will be, a part of me

Until my dying day.


On a side note:  I decided to be buried in my clown make up so it will be easier for the funeral home to get the make up right!!








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