A poet does math

I counted stars once

not for any practical reason

not for romance

they patiently waited for me

to finish, as if they cared


I was sitting by a campfire

spitting it’s cinders as

part of the evening’s death throes

they fluttered skyward

before dissolving


I could not help but wonder

if that is how stars

came to be; not as burned out

remnants from elsewhere

in the far-flung galaxy


stars may be campfire embers

that made their

great escape and were

thus rewarded with eternal life


I counted stars once


-Mark L. Lucker

© 2016

2 thoughts on “A poet does math

  1. One of the few campfire thoughts I never had but should have had, I think. Novel. Well penned and thought out. And, the best f all things, it made me ponder and I like that a lot. Sort of like the fractal of campfire embers. Enjoyed a lot, thanks for sharing.

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