Sleep deprived, depraved, deneeded

Awake for over twenty-four hours
at work on a project
pulling an all-nighter
far easier when I was far younger

My clock got sluggish at three A.M.
and all I hear in my
head is Cat Stevens
singing ‘Morning has Broken…’

I need to add
‘… and there aint enough
Gorilla Glue in Minnesota to fix it.’

so while I wholeheartedly agree
with Mister Stevens
maybe I’ll just stay awake.

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2022

9 thoughts on “Sleep deprived, depraved, deneeded

  1. Too funny, my friend! I really missed our group chatting this year, though. While it made it harder to get poems done every hour, the connection with everyone was such fun and really helped to stay awake.

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